Job Posting: Road Agent

The Board of Selectmen are looking to hire a well qualified individual for the position of Goshen Road Agent.  Please send resume to



EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Full-Time Appointed (RSA 231:64)

PAY RANGE:  $21 – $23 per hour

SCHEDULE:  40 hours per week


  • This position is responsible for the supervision and management of the highway department. (RSA 231:62 and 63)


  • This position receives general supervision and policy direction from the Board of Selectmen (RSA 231:62 and 65), exercises a considerable degree of independent judgment and is evaluated by the Board of Selectmen based upon the achievement of assigned goals and objectives.


  • This position provides direct supervision to employees in the highway department.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES (based on RSA 231:62):

  • Establishes department goals, objectives, policies, regulations and procedures based upon the needs of the town and the department, in consultation with the Board of Selectmen. Supervises and directs department personnel and outside contractors, either directly or through subordinate supervisors.
  • Coordinates and supervises the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of town streets, highways, bridges, sidewalks, storm sewers, culverts, drainage systems and pavements markings, consistent with funding allocated in the approved budget.
  • Reviews and evaluates department operations and effectiveness and takes necessary steps to improve operations.
  • Prepares and administers the department budget, maintains records and documentation of projects and expenditures and analyzes operational costs.
  • Makes recommendations for equipment, facilities, budgets, training, inspections, licenses, permits and other activities requiring emergency preparedness related to the activities of the department.
  • Oversees the department’s training program, ensuring that all training activities are consistent with department goals and objectives.
  • Maintains facilities and equipment at a level consistent with funding allocated in the approved budget.
  • Researches, drafts and implements bid specifications for vehicles and equipment, building repairs, salt/sand, road paving, line striping and hydrocarbons (gas, diesel, home heating oil, propane).
  • Manages the EPA mandated Storm-Water Program including report writing, project planning and force accounts/contracted work.
  • Hires, disciplines and resolves conflicts with employees.
  • Resolves routine and major customer service complaints.
  • Assists the Administrative Assistant with FEMA reimbursement.
  • Assists the general public in understanding department procedures, regulations and services.
  • Exercises considerable judgment, initiative and resourcefulness in reviewing the work performed by department employees and private contractors, organizing work to be performed under varying conditions, devising new methods, modifying procedures to meet new conditions and making major decisions without supervision.
  • Operate trucks and heavy equipment and perform routine mechanical repairs.
  • Coordinates emergency response to ice and snow storms, flooding conditions, wind storm damage and other emergency conditions affecting the safe and expeditious flow of traffic on town roads and streets.
  • Compiles periodic reports for the Selectmen concerning the operations of the department.
  • Writes grant applications for department projects and administers approved grants on behalf of the town.
  • Gives the Selectmen weekly expenditure statements and receives money from the treasurer only on the order of the Selectmen (RSA 231:66).
  • Works harmoniously with elected and appointed officials, employees, the public, public agencies and private organizations.
  • Responsible for Department email for communication and bid solicitation.  
  • Performs other related duties are required.


  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of modern public works administration and methods, including year-round highway maintenance.
  • Knowledge of town policies and procedures, ordinances and state and federal statutes.
  • Knowledge of construction and engineering principles, concepts and methods.
  • Knowledge of public works construction, materials and equipment.
  • Knowledge of town geography, streets and zoned areas.
  • Knowledge of the standards by which the quality of public works service is evaluated.
  • Knowledge of light and heavy equipment application and operation, building and grounds maintenance and repair procedures.
  • Knowledge of budget preparation and fiscal management.
  • Knowledge of management and personnel administration.
  • Skill in managing multiple and concurrent projects.
  • Skill in management, leadership and supervision.
  • Skill in planning, organizing, analyzing, decision making and problem solving.
  • Skill in reading and understanding plans, maps, charts and surveys.
  • Skill in the use of office equipment, such as computer and calculator, relevant software such as word processing, data base programs, spreadsheets and G.I.S. programs.
  • Skill in oral and written communication.
  • Skill in budgetary preparation and administration.
  • Skill in gathering and interpreting data.
  • Skill in public and interpersonal relations.
  • Skill in personnel management, including team building, consensus building, delegation, communication and problem solving.
  • Ability to plan, organize direct and supervise the work of subordinates performing various public works activities.
  • Ability to organize time in order to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to delegate and distribute personnel effectively, especially under emergency situations.
  • Ability to read and understand architectural and construction plans, engineering drawing and technical reports.
  • Ability to formulate recommendations and decisions.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records and files.
  • Ability to negotiate and resolve disputes effectively.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to effectively prepare and present oral and written material relating to the activities of the department.
  • Ability to prepare, analyze and present technical and statistical reports.
  • Ability to exercise sound and mature judgment and discretion.
  • Ability to demonstrate good teamwork, leadership, interpersonal and customer-service skills and attitude.
  • Ability to develop proper training and instructional procedures.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, town officials, property owners, contractors, the business community, the general public, regional, state and federal officials.


  • Work is performed in both office and field settings. Considerable outdoor work is required in the management and supervision of public works projects.


  • Work is performed in a variety of environmental conditions, including outside weather conditions of heat, cold, precipitation, noise, etc. There is exposure to normal construction hazards in addition to the everyday risks or discomforts that require normal safety precautions typical of office environments.


  • Experience sufficient to understand the diverse objectives and functions of the position, usually interpreted to require five years of progressively responsible administrative and supervisory experience, preferably in civil engineering or construction; or any equivalent combination of education or experience which demonstrates possession of the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Possession of, or ability to readily obtain, a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
  • Must be bonded in accordance with RSA 231:65.
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