Emergency Management

Goshen Emergency Management is responsible for initiating, coordinating, and sustaining an effective local response to disasters and emergency situations. The Emergency Management Director’s role is to ensure that all town departments and participating partners are aware of their responsibilities and work together to provide protective actions prior to, during, and after any type of disaster impacting the community and its residents.

Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, Goshen’s Emergency Management activities may remain strictly a local activity. In more significant situations, the Town will coordinate with the NH Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to facilitate appropriate preparedness, response, and recovery activities for disasters that affect the Auburn.


Contact: Chris Moen, Director

54 Mill Village Rd. North

Goshen, New Hampshire 03752

Phone: 603-398-9662

***Receive public safety notices issued by the State of New Hampshire and severe weather warnings directly from the National Weather Service. Enroll HERE for the CodeRED emergency notification system, or get the NH Alerts mobile application from the App Store and Google Play to receive the emergency and severe weather notifications from state officials.***


Click here for the Hazard Mitigation Plan