Budget Committee

Elected Officials, 3 years terms, expire in March.

The Town of Goshen operates under the standards of the Municipal Budget Law (RSA 32:1), which is intended to “establish uniformity in the manner of appropriating and spending public funds” in all towns and districts that adopt their budgets at an annual meeting of voters and “assist its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds.”

In terms of the budget process, there are five key concepts of the Municipal Budget Law that affect the Budget Committee and their work. They are:

  • Appropriations
  • Gross Basis Budgeting
  • Warrant Notice and Permissible Amendments
  • No Spending Without an Appropriation
  • 10 Percent Limitation

In Goshen, the Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending an annual operating budget to the voters for both the municipal government and the school district. The Budget Committee is also responsible for recommending or not recommending special expenditures of funds separate from the operating budget that are contained in separate warrant articles. The Budget Committee generally meets during the months of January and February to review budget requests and hold public hearings in February.

The Budget Committee holds its workshop meetings twice weekly during the month of January. Meetings generally begin at 6:00 or 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend. In pre-COVID times, the Budget Committee would meet periodically throughout the year to review appropriations made to date and to hear of any matters that may affect the appropriation of funds.

The Budget Committee recommendations to voters are important as the 10 percent rule contained in the Municipal Budget Law prevents a town meeting from appropriating large amounts in excess of Budget Committee recommendations. The Budget Committee’s recommendations generally cannot be exceeded by more than 10 percent.

Should a special Town Meeting or School District Meeting be necessary and the business to be addressed concerns a financial appropriation, the Budget Committee would have the same responsibilities as those for the annual meetings.


Board Members:

Barbara Paronto, Term expires 2025 – Chairperson

Alicia Baker, Term expires 2025

Sherri Moen, Term expires 2025

Steve Belden, Term expires 2026

Trish LaBossiere, Term expires 2024

Ashley Cleary, Term expires 2024

Ernie Dennis, Term expires 2026

Robin Brigham, Term expires 2026

Renee Frost, Term expires 2026

Dianne Craig, Select Board rep, (annual appointment) Term expires 2025

Laurie Wilkinson, School Board rep, (annual appointment) Term expires 2023



Budget Committee Minutes



Public Notice: Budget Committee Meeting Dec 16

Public Notice: Budget Committee Meeting, Sept. 29th : BC 9-29-22