Emergency Numbers:    911

Goshen Police Department :

As of 1/1/2014 Dispatch is out of Newport Dispatch Center:  Call

Hours:  Upon request  or  when Cruiser is outside the PD

(non-emergency:  863-0700)

Goshen Fire Department:

(non-emergency: 863-2525)




  Phone (603)

   Board of Selectmen

  Steve Smith

  Derek Tremblay

  Dianne Craig

  Melissa Salinardi



 Admin. Assistant


   Budget Committee

   Barbara Paronto



   Cemetery Trustees

   Chris Moen, Chair

   Lot Sales and    Burials


   Code Enforcement Officer

   Bruce Nadeau

   Jack Warburton


   Code Enforcement    Officer

   Deputy Code    Enforcement    Officer


  Conservation Commission

   Michelle Roy



  Emergency Management

   Health Officer

   Brandon Stocker

   Bruce Nadeau, Appointed




   Fire Department

  Ryan Hall

   Fire Chief


   Fire Warden

   Chris Moen



   Highway Department

   Shae Simino

   Road Agent



  Alexandra Hess



   Library Trustees

   Bonnie Belden



   Planning Board

   Alicea Bursey




   George Hebert



   Police Department

   Edward Andersen

    Police Chief


   Sergeant Mike Batista    FAX 863-0167
   Officer Russell     Lamson
   Officer Joseph Walz

   Safety Committee




   Town Clerk and Tax Collector

   Cindy Williams



   Chris Smith    Deputy

   Transfer Station





   Heather Peckham



   Trustee of Trust Funds    Jessica Dennis    Chairperson
    Welfare/General Assistance    Melanie Bell    Welfare Admin    738-0107

    Zoning Board of Adjustments

   Alicea Bursey