Transfer Station


NOTICE: Cat litter is not allowed in the trash compactor. All cat litter must be put into demolition.
Used cat litter & its chemicals have been impacting the function of the compactor.

Help Wanted, Town of Goshen Transfer Station

Winter hours: October 1 – May 31st
Wednesday and Sunday 9:00 am – 2:45 pm

Summer hours: June 1 – September 30
Wednesday 12:00 pm – 5:45 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 2:45 pm

Goshen Transfer Station Fees – Until July 31, 2021

Goshen Transfer Station Fees – Effective August 1, 2021

New COVID 19 Transfer Station Guidelines Effective April 1, 2020

Septic Tank System Information

Goshen Transfer Station Sticker procedure:

Effective March 14, 2018 all vehicles using the transfer station must have transfer sticker, with plate number written in box, on their vehicle.

1. Sticker will be attached to lower passenger side of the windshield.

2. Limit 2 per house hold.

3. Replacement stickers will require proof of loss. (i.e changing vehicle.)

4. Stickers valid until December 31, 2018

Per the Goshen Board of Selectmen


NOTICE: Transfer Station Tickets:

Tickets for the Transfer Station will be sold at the Transfer Station and Goshen Town Office. To purchase the Tickets at the Transfer Station:

  • Cash Only (Correct amount of cash)
  • No Checks
  • No Credit Cards

Note: The Transfer Station will no longer accept shingles.


Town of Goshen New Hampshire Recycling Ordinance