The Town of Goshen elects a treasurer by ballot vote in accordance with RSA 41:26.  The Treasurer is elected to a three-year term of office.

The Treasurer is responsible for the custody, deposit and disbursement of town funds in compliance with detailed statutory standards.  The Treasurer submits books, vouchers and statements to the Board of Selectmen and to the town auditors whenever requested.

With the approval of the selectmen, the Treasurer appoints a deputy, who shall be sworn and who shall perform the duties of the treasurer when the treasurer is absent due to sickness, resignation or otherwise.  With an elected Treasurer, the Deputy must be a resident of the town.

The Treasurer may delegate deposit, investment, record keeping or reconciliation functions to other town officials or employees provided such delegation is in writing and includes written procedures acceptable to the selectmen.  However, the Treasurer continues to be responsible to comply with all statutory duties of the office.

The Treasurer pays out town money only on order of the Selectmen, except for expenditures from the Conservation Fund, where expenditures are to be paid out only upon order of a majority of the conservation commission.



Heather Peckham – Treasurer

Nickole Matheson – Deputy Treasurer