Job Posting: Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen are looking to hire a well qualified individual for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen.  Please send resume to



EMPLOYMENT STATUS:  Full-Time, 30 – 35 hours a week

PAY RANGE:  $18-$21 per hour

SCHEDULE:  Monday – Thursday

WORK LOCATION:  Goshen Town Hall


  • Serves the Select Board and other office staff as necessary, performing a wide range of complex administrative support duties, assisting in coordinating the administrative functions of the Town Office, interpreting, communicating and insuring implementation of the Select Board’s directives.


  • This position receives general supervision and policy direction from the Board of Selectmen


  • Performs all administrative duties for the Select Board including preparing meeting agendas, Board members meeting packets and attending Board meetings
  • Serves as a liaison for all Department Heads and municipal boards
  • Assists other Boards and Department Heads, as needed
  • Maintains the Select Board Office filing systems
  • Oversees the Select Board Office correspondence, as advised by the Board
  • Organizes and records the Select Board public and non-public minutes
  • Manages key control for the public and staff
  • Manages the Town Calendar and the Staff and Selectmen Calendar
  • Maintains the Policy Binder and assists with drafting or editing Town policies, as needed
  • In charge of compiling and overseeing the production of the annual Town Report
  • Office contact for updates of regulatory reports, ie:  CIP, Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Acts as the administrator of the Town Website and Facebook page
  • Responsible for creating Town applications and forms, as needed
  • Oversees the accuracy of the Tax Maps (paper and digital) by working with the mapping provider to review for errors and to provide changes and updates
  • Responsible for recording Current Use Applications with the Sullivan County Registry of Deeds
  • Manages the processing and tracking of exemptions, credits, abatements, and refunds
  • Assists the Selectmen and the Tax Collector with the Tax Deeding process
  • Creates and tracks property tax payment plans, as needed with Town Clerk’s office
  • Responsible for the preparation of the semi-annual Tax Warrants
  • Oversees all timber and excavation intents and billings
  • Manages and tracks all Board appointments
  • Maintains accurate Current Use land records and monitors for changes
  • Manages the Town’s Property and Liability Insurance
  • Maintains the Town’s Risk Management Program
  • Creates and/or posts Requests for Proposals / Quotes
  • Backs up data on the server daily and maintains the backup offsite
  • Coordinates building maintenance and repairs with applicable contractors, as advised by the Board
  • Maintains and orders office supplies for the Town Office and other departments, as needed
  • Negotiates office contracts with applicable businesses or contractors for such items as copiers/printers, office cleaning, office supplies, as advised by the Board
  • Serves as legal contact as directed by the Board
  • Answers the phone and provides information or directs call to proper person, provides messages if person is unavailable
  • Accepts applications and payments for fees; remits payments to the Treasurer along with a log of those payments, and applications to proper department
  • Maintains the supply of various applications/forms used in Town activities
  • Opening / closing duties of Town Office during scheduled business hours
  • Retrieves mail from the Post Office and takes mail at end of day
  • Assists Assessor with information for reassessment for properties; provides assessing information, directions and sales information to appraisers, realtors, banks and taxpayers upon request.  Change sales of properties to new owners in the accessing software.
  • Processes accounts payable, prepare checks for Selectmen’s approval. Processes accounts receivable billings; receives funds not paid to Tax Collector and Town Clerk; invoices fines and payments in lieu of taxes and other bills; prepares deposit and report to Treasurer.
  • And other essential duties as assigned by the Board of Selectmen


  • High school diploma or equivalent with documented training in computer, secretarial and clerical skills
  • Strong organizational and general office skills, with attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently but in coordination with other personnel
  • Knowledge of office computer systems, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and information systems applications
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong customer service skills for interaction with the public
  • Thorough knowledge of local government in New Hampshire
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